Tracking | Production | Mixing | Mastering

Radio quality recordings and vintage modeled gear. Professionally engineered sounds with the right production for each project.  Modern sounds in a relaxed vibey atmosphere.


Most recently completed Joe Sambo's debut record "The Wrong Impression" which debuted at #1 on Billboard Reggae Charts.  


Play us your songs, we'll help you find missed potential and prepare you for your studio time; here or anywhere else.  Save time in the studio; identify weakness in the songs and take it to the next level by planning vocal production and making sure members are all on the same page.  Preproduction has been the first step for many influential records.  



We have access to a diverse pool of musicians and producers. Whatever you want to create, we can find the right talent to back you up.  Want to find a new style to shake things up?  Let us help.