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  We are implementing the following policy and procedures in order to operate safely in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.  These actions will be mandatory for both staff and clients.

What our clients will do:

  • Hand washing upon each entry of studio, including trips to bathroom or store.

  • Masks will be worn unless in an isolation booth or alone in a live room. Masks will be provided if needed.

  • Essential band members only. No guests or band members not needed for that day. 

  • Any clients with common virus symptoms listed will have their session rescheduled with no penalty.  

    • Fever, Cough, shortness of breath, Sore throat, Body aches, Chills.​ 

  • Clients must notify the studio if there has been direct contact with someone symptomatic or testing positive, sessions will be rescheduled with no penalty. 

  • Maintain as much social distancing as possible while within facility.

  • Pay for sessions by digital means:

    • Venmo, Cashapp and Check are preferred.  

    • PayPal and Cards are accepted but not preferred due to fees. 

What Revelry staff will do:

  • Deep cleaning of entire studio.​

  • Interval cleaning between all sessions, including disinfectant wipe down of all touched surfaces (mic stands, pop filters, instruments, door knobs, etc).

  • All microphones in proximity to singers will be isolated for 48 hours after use.

  • Ask relevant health questions to every musician, producer and staff member before a scheduled session.

  • Provide placement as distant as possible within reasonable means for proximity between musicians who do not live together.  

Unfortunately at this time we will refrain from booking projects requiring large groups in close quarters, this includes our in house Live Sessions.

We thank you for your respect and cooperation. Lets make some music!

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