21 W Auburn St  Manchester NH 03101

Matt Blanchette | Tyler Ayers | Kyle Normandin

Founded in the heart of Manchester, NH, our newly renovated 2000 sq ft historic mill space was uniquely designed to help creatives deliver professional and engaging content, video and audio alike. Our doors officially opened in December 2017 after 8 months of construction and we're eager to provide high quality recordings, captivating live performances, collaborative songwriting and radio/television worthy productions.


Producer | Engineer | Guitarist | Drummer

With special focus on production and character, Matt's black V-neck brings a new layer of style to the studio.  


Matt's background in the alternative, rock and heavy music scenes drive his love for punchy, roomy drums and layered vocals.  He's has written and performed for Paper Monsters, NH Emo Night, A Familiar Terror and various moms.  


Producer | Engineer | Drummer | Goober

With experience on full production video sets, Tyler's black V-neck brings a new layer of pizazz to the studio.

Tyler's upbringing in the pop punk community and history with pop and electronic music make him as dynamic of an engineer as he is a drummer.  He's toured across these United States and probably has a cool scar.


Photographer | Videographer | Retoucher | Dude

With a compelling eye for precision and color, Kyle's black V-neck brings a new layer of excitement to the studio.

Kyle's project list has included various celebrities, advertising and commercial work.  As a childhood friend of Matt's, their work together has spanned multiple years and multiple bad high school cover bands.